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An inside look into Todd Smith Fitness in Arizona.

How to Start Your Fitness Journey

Anyone who has decided to start – or restart – their fitness journey knows that it’s an exciting step that can also feel intimidating. The fitness world is full of confusing and sometimes contradictory information, which can make it difficult to know exactly where to begin. Here at TSF, we

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Gym member using body composition machine during free fitness assessment

The Assessment Process at Todd Smith Fitness

  The first step to joining Todd Smith Fitness is booking your free fitness assessment, either online or over the phone at 602-292-9742. We’ll send you a health form to fill out, and then schedule a time for you to come in. Don’t let the word “assessment” scare you though

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Small Group - Micro Group Fitness Classes in Phoenix

Micro Group vs. Small Group Fitness Training

  Find Support in Fitness Classes Everyone can admit that finding the motivation to hit the gym can be difficult at times. And for some, the gym can even feel intimidating! Many gyms focus on large group or boot camp style fitness classes, which typically host a minimum of 10

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Gym trainer working out in phoenix gym wearing a fitness tshirt

Fitness Training for Regular People

WHAT WE DO At Todd Smith Fitness we do something that just does not exist in the world of fitness. We train regular people in a safe fashion. We use exercises for their personal goals. We use the exercises that we actually do during our own workouts. We focus on

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Gym Member Working Out with Dumbbells


WHY? Whether you’re starting an exercise program or you’re an established gym-goer, getting the maximum benefit for your time is always a topic of interest. In Todd’s 36 years of personal training and my 15 years, it’s all too common to come across someone who is just simply lost in

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Nutritious Food with Different Types of Carbs


VOCABULARY There are three types of calories that come from the food we eat: Carbohydrates Proteins Dietary Fats Pure Carbohydrates (Complex): derived from non-animal foods (rice pasta, beans, bread, potatoes, fruit, yams) Manufactured Carbohydrates: anything usually made with flour or sugar (cakes, cookies, candy, and desserts) Fiber: the body lacks enzymes to

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Best Food for A Nutritious Diet


One thing that we already know is that starving yourself and calorie deprivation will fail when it comes to long term weight loss.  In order to be successful, you must stimulate the body to release fat without going into the “flight or fight” mode.  And this is how it is

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The Glycemic Index (GI) is a scale that measures the speed at which 100 grams of a carbohydrate enter the blood as sugar. The index assigns numbers to carbohydrate foods based on the speed at which it is consumed.  In order to build muscle mass, you need to increase your

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When most people begin dieting they are usually under the impression that eating less often or skipping meals will do the trick. I have a good friend who once told me, “I skip breakfast in order to bring my calorie intake down every day.” This, actually, is the worst thing

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The first step in accomplishing fat loss and gaining lean muscle mass is to establish a base diet or reference point.  This diet tells you how many calories you need each day to maintain your current body weight and muscle mass. This is the superior approach to any other method,

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When you drop body fat you increase your metabolic rate.  Lower fat storage will alter the body’s release of insulin and the body will act like an insulator slowing down thermogenesis. Thus, the leaner your body becomes, the less your body produces insulin. We already know that dieting alone and

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If you are an “endomorph” your body type is one that tends to have a higher body fat percentage.  We all have a genetic predisposition for carrying a certain amount of body fat, moreover, we all have a unique way of placing that fat throughout our body. Endomorphs, most of

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Water is the main component of blood and it transports nutrients to tissues while removing toxins for metabolism disposal.  If you don’t drink enough water you will slow down your metabolic rate.  If you are consuming caffeine, low carbohydrates, and high protein in your diet YOU MUST drink up!  These

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In my experience, there are a few supplemental nutrients that will help with fat loss.  One thing that you must understand is that without the proper diet and exercise these “supplements” will not work. The most effective supplements that you can take while reducing your caloric intake with a healthy

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It is important for me to stress the fact that I am a huge advocate of weight training vs. aerobic, but both work hand in hand when trying to lose weight.  One thing to recognize about aerobic training is that when you add it to a strict diet of severe

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What is the goal of your cardiovascular training program? Just like anything in life, you have to know where you are going, or you will end up going nowhere. For twenty-five years I have witnessed thousands of people completely wasting their time, spending endless hours doing cardio with no goal

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If you are not keeping yourself accountable for your exercise and diet regimen you may not be successful in losing weight.  From past experience, the people that I have worked with have been far more successful with their weight loss when they were keeping “tabs” on their eating.  You must

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