Meet Our Trainers

Barrick Berkman

Barrick is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist through the international sports sciences association. He believes fitness should enhance everyone’s quality of life and is passionate about helping individuals take control of their body composition, build muscle, and feel their best both mentally and physically. From competing in natural men’s physique shows to snowboarding, Barrick is dedicated to not only helping you look your best but also to perform any activity to the best of your ability.  

Ryan Coyle

Ryan is a NASM certified personal trainer who is passionate about helping his clients remove the mental, emotional, and physical barriers that keep them from achieving their goals. After years of battling his own insecurities, Ryan realized that being healthy looks different on everyone and now helps his clients break through societal norms and find their own path of wellness.

His ability to empathize with others allows him to provide clients with a truly personal and individualized experience. Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose body fat, or gain more mobility, Ryan can guide you to towards the healthiest, most sustainable path possible.

Jake Coyle

Jake Coyle, the owner of Todd Smith Fitness Phoenix, is a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer, a Corrective Exercise Specialist, a Precision Nutrition Nutritionist, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise & Wellness, and a minor in Nutrition from Arizona State University. Jake watched various family members battle drug and alcohol addiction as well as depression. This propelled him to start his personal training career over 10 years ago. His passion is helping people achieve their health goals both physically and mentally. He does this by teaching each client the importance of the mind muscle connection while working out, and demonstrating the proper biomechanics so that each exercise is done correctly to ensure the best results in the least amount of time, injury free.

Sedona Holzinger

Sedona is a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer. She has a strong passion towards health and wellness. She knows the importance behind it and how it has a huge impact on your mental and physical health. She strives to create the best you, whether that’s getting you in the gym pushing you to your limits, or creating a fun atmosphere, full of positive energy to brighten your mentality. Whatever it is, Sedona will turn your day around!

Sedona enjoyed being involved in gymnastics, competitive cheer, and dance since a young age. Now she pursues her passion in fitness helping others become the best version of themselves!

Greg Pignataro

Greg Pignataro is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) accredited by the National Strength & Conditioning Association. Prior to personal training, Greg spent time working in Corporate Wellness and with professional and D-I athletes. ⁠

With a B.A. in Psychology, Greg is passionate about helping people develop levels of mental and physical strength they didn’t know they could ever achieve. He also specializes in building programs designed to overcome nagging lower back pain.⁠

His work has been featured in articles by publications like MyFitnessPal, Livestrong, Shape Magazine, and many others.

Christian Nelson

A certified American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer, Christian is our Small Group Training Manager and also teaches Party on a Bike at The Madison! He firmly believes that every decision we make forms who we are tomorrow and poses the question, “Is the future you going to thank you for the decisions you are making today?”

Christian has a passion and talent for inspiring and motivating others to be the best version of themselves and to live outside of their comfort zone both in and out of the gym in order to reach their full physical and mental potential.

Tevin Jones

Tevin received his B.S. in Exercise and Wellness from Arizona State University and is a NSCA, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has been personal training for over 7 years. During that time he has worked with high school and collegiate athletes as well as cardiac patients, clients with Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Paraplegia, knee replacements, hip and shoulder replacements. He has experience in exercise physiology, pre/rehabilitation, metabolic conditioning, exercise prescription and program design. 

After overcoming injuries of his own, he has dedicated his life to helping others achieve the highest quality of life through corrective exercise and promoting a healthy balance throughout all aspects of life. Whether he is coaching a D1 athlete or someone who has Parkinson’s, he has the experience to help anyone achieve their fitness objectives.