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Whether you’re starting an exercise program or you’re an established gym-goer, getting the maximum benefit for your time is always a topic of interest.

In Todd’s 36 years of personal training and my 15 years, it’s all too common to come across someone who is just simply lost in their fitness journey. Everyone has access to a slew different opinions that can cause a lot of confusion and put a halt in progress.

A perfect path to nowhere is taking the buffet approach to fitness. That is, putting a little too much on your metaphorical plate. This leads to a lackluster intensity with less than maximal results.


It can be a hard truth to face that maybe a person CAN do less, but BETTER, and have MORE results. It may be against the status quo of the fitness world to be moving every second you are at the gym.

“Don’t I need to do weights, cardio, and stretch every day?”  NO.

Mixing weights, cardio, and stretching all in the same workout is a recipe for feeling overwhelmed and giving less than a stellar effort to all of the above. Try to resist the urge to do more and replace it with BETTER. Even if you are short on time, giving a 100% effort on two exercises is better than a 50% effort on four exercises.


When it comes to the pursuit of infinite health, weight training should be the top priority. Weight training has a greater effect on boosting metabolic rates in 24 hours post-exercise than cardio (leading to potentially more weight loss). When you take a muscle through its range of motion you are stretching and shortening it. Leading to an appropriate range of motion and a greater degree of flexibility.

Put yourself on the infinite plan for health.

Most of our clients have children, a spouse, and full-time jobs. Fitness and health need to fit into their lifestyles, not consume it. Keep your fitness regimen simple. One day a week is better than none. We don’t always have time for more, but I hope we can help you get better.

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