Micro Group vs. Small Group Fitness Training

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Find Support in Fitness Classes

Everyone can admit that finding the motivation to hit the gym can be difficult at times. And for some, the gym can even feel intimidating! Many gyms focus on large group or boot camp style fitness classes, which typically host a minimum of 10 people and up to 100. Many people find it difficult to receive individual attention from trainers, feedback on their form, or to create real relationships in these large group environments. 

Here at TSF, we saw the opportunity to create a new kind of class that puts our members and their fitness goals first. Micro group training is a high energy, small group style class that is limited to 5 members per session. Led by one of our certified trainers, each 45 minute workout provides a supportive environment that helps members make progress on their goals while having fun.

Additional benefits of micro group training include:

  •  1:1 attention from a certified trainer 
  • Feedback on your form and posture to keep your joints and muscles safe
  • Consistent Scientifically based warm up, work out, and cool down protocols based on science
  • Safe, encouraging and positive environment
  • No more than 5 members per class
  • No cancelation fees; class times range from morning to evening for scheduling flexibility

 Micro Group Fitness Classes at TSF: What to Expect

Micro group training has quickly become one of our most popular offerings! When you walk into the gym, you’ll be welcomed by a trainer who will kick off the micro group class with our warm up protocols. Every movement we do at TSF is carefully selected to promote strength building while protecting you from injury. Our trainers explain and demonstrate each movement and work with each member individually to correct form and posture. As we like to say, we have your back – and glutes!

In addition to the support of your trainer, you’ll benefit from the camaraderie of your group. By keeping class numbers at a max of 5 members, micro group training gives you the opportunity to make real connections with others who are focused on reaching similar fitness goals. You’ll not only find added motivation and inspiration, but the new community will help you hold yourself accountable and ensure you get your butt in the gym now that there are others cheering you on and taking on this journey with you!

At TSF, you have a fitness center that truly cares about your goals and progress. It’s our passion to provide you the support you need to achieve optimum results that will have you looking, feeling, and being your best. From strength building, mobility and posture, weight loss and nutritional guidance, we’ll be with you every step of your health and wellness journey. 


Are you now ready to look and feel your best? 

Take action and join one of TSF studio’s Micro group classes today! 

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If you are ready to be your best, we are ready for you! At Todd Smith Fitness, our team lives and loves the fitness lifestyle. We have a real passion for delivering lasting results.


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